Danish born Søren was pulled like a monkey into this world and seems to have remained up in the trees ever since. “I feel a great closeness with Orangutans”, says Søren. He is currently completing a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Hague (KABK) after completing courses from Corcoran School of Art, Washington DC and a Master in Development Economics and Education. In this context subjects of social justice are never far from his mind and after having worked and lived in different developing countries issues of inequity and unfairness in life are important aspects in his artistry.

Soren creates highly contemporary artwork heavily influenced by neo-expressionism, hyperrealism and the golden age, street art and low-brow art, comics with a strong narrative ranging from the bizarre, funny and humorous to the dark and somber referring to his own work as “Zombie expressionist art” (drawing on the dead and living or living dead). His works are often referencing his own childhood, teenage years, youth and darker subject like death, mortality, meaninglessness, loneliness, sex, relationships, inequity and social justice and the bizarre. Despite the somber subjects, and his obsession with death and time, most of his works have a delirious, fun, humorous, chaotic and optimistic feeling reflecting his own views: life is tough, chaotic, random and a struggle, but in the end there are always glimmers of hope and positive elements to carry you forward. “I hate the white cube, but I love white marshmallows” says Søren.

In his art Soren uses everything from thick impasto, plaster, acrylics, oils, charcoal, pasta, cat litter, graffiti paint to whatever he finds. He often uses bright and cheerful colors.

The most influential beings in his life includes Spongebob Squarepant, Tintin, Death, Cirkeline, Cykelmyggen Egon, 007, NY cabs, toys, house remix music and jazz. Soren likes to have long philosophical discussions with his black lab about life, death and the meaning of life (or meaningless). “I love garlic, my morning espresso and salty black liquorice, but not necessarily together”.


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