Says Soren: "My artistic practice is increasingly focusing on social, climate and political issues derived from a human perspective and expressed in multiple juxtapositions in the form and content. The idea drives the form and in turn the material, color and tactility of the media reflects back on the idea. My form is often one of contrasts, like life itself, in a blended style of realism drawing on renaissance historical references mixed with street art and naive children images in a chaotic and unbalanced expression. Like life itself this often lead to a complex narrative with wide variation in the viewers interpretation of my works, heated discussion, mirroring their own lives and views. This is my commentary of our world today and the humans condition, my own fears, confusion and anxieties as a commentary on how I see the world today and my own frustration with the state of affairs. My work process is one of destruction and addition working directly with the texture and tactility of the materials and context in an ever evolving process intermixing concepts until the final artwork emerges".

Having completed a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Hague (KABK) and Selected among 30 art graduates 2019 from all Dutch Art Academies, Soren is increasingly focusing on how to change the world through his art working more interdisciplinary with installations, sculpture, sound and video. Soren also holds a degree from Corcoran School of Art (2004), Washington DC and a Master in Development Economics and Education having worked on improving the conditions of the poorest and most marginalized across the world in diverse countries like Yemen, Saudia Arabia, Malawi, Egypt, Iran, Mozambique, Indonesia, Russia and Georgia and the Dominican Republic. In this context subjects of social justice and the human condition are never far from his mind and after having worked and lived in different developing countries issues of inequity and unfairness in life are important aspects in his artistry.

Soren work in the public space from different angles using different materials like iron-welding, stone carving to the use of poly-carbonate and found materials. When he is not sculpting he draws and paints creating highly contemporary artwork heavily influenced by neo-expressionism, hyper-realism and the golden age, street art and low-brow art, comics with a strong narrative ranging from the bizarre, funny and humorous to the dark and somber,  While often Soren is depressed by the state of affairs and our world he keeps a sense of optimism as reflected in his quotes: “I love garlic, my morning espresso and salty black liquorice, but not necessarily together”; “I hate the white cube, but I love white marshmallows” says Søren.

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Triumph of Death with Corona Bubles